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Jacqui interviews Danni from 'Baby on the Move' about Car Seat Safety rules and how to keep your baby/children safe.


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with Natalie Cutler-Welsh and Jacqui Lockington.  'If Only They'd Told Me' Book available in paperback and e-book. 

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Nat & Jacqui are together in the studio and they're talking all about tips for successful Sleepovers with kids age 8 and under.  Topics include: Maners & Dynamics, What age, What time is bedtime & catering.  If Only They'd Told Me: Parenting tips & laughs.  We're not the experts, we're the best friends you never knew you had. 


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It's tricky keeping fit while raising kids.  In this podcast Nat talks to mum of 3 Amy from Powerhoop NZ.  She shares her tips on 'fitness with a twist' and banishing the belly fat adn how hula hooping isn't just for kids!


Blog: Banishing the Belly Fat


Powerhoop NZ

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In this episode, Jacqui interviews Brand Manager of Plunket NZ Benji. They discuss what Plunket does and how they help families across New Zealand. 


Plunket Website: https://www.plunket.org.nz

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What things did you take into account when planning your big day?  Are you having a naming ceremony for your child?  In this podcast episode, Natalie Cutler-Welsh talks to NZ Wedding Celebrant & Specialist Rochelle Fleming about Ceremony & Celebration.



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In this podcast, Jacqui interviews mum of two Casey McPike about her experience with IVF and endometriosis. 


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Anyone else strugging with night time toilet training?  Nat interviews mother of 2 and owner of Brolly Sheets Di Hurford about her tips and tools for making night toilet training easier and less stressful.

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Have you had an experience personally or with your child when the school system just didn't serve you?  In this episode of If Only They'd Told Me podcast, Nat talks with mum of two Chandra Achberger about the school system not serving her kids and what they did about it.


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Nat & Jacqui share 5 of their 10 Top Tips for Parenting in the early stages of parenthood.


More amazing tips can be found in their book 'If Only They'd Told Me' available in paperback or e-book.

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Wondering about hiring a nanny?  In this episode, Nat interviews Lisa Bentley co-founder of KiwiOz Nannies about tips for recruiting a nanny.


KiwiOz Nannies website (KiwiOz Childcare)

KiwiOz Nannies on facebook

KiwiOz Nannies on Pinterest


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