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Why is 'getting pregnant', not that obvious and when do you tell your friends, family and work that you are pregnant?

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Interview with organisation and style consultant, Clara Rollinson. Clara shares some of her thoughts about how to get Nat's home tidy. Is there hope for Nat, or is she just born messy?

Clara's top tips include:

  • Use the timer function on the washing machine
  • Keep play dates out of the bedroom
  • Use 'eco-friendly' products
  • De-clutter
  • What's wrong with stuffed toys?

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This week on If Only They'd Told Me, Jacqui and Nat git a bit more serious and talk about children and accidents.

We often don't like to think about 'near-misses' or 'what ifs' but if we can learn from our most scarry moments with our children, it may help us and others to prevent much worse scenarios. 

Potential hazards include cars (inside and out), kitchen benches, pools, stairs and many more. If this motivates you to look critically at your home and do a quick saftey check, then that's a good thing! 

And when was the last time you did a first aid course? There's probably a good one specifically for parents, available in your area.

The key message for this episode is, 'expect the unexpected'.

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At some stage as a parent, you're going to have look at some form of child care. But if that involves a person being in your home, possibly even living with you, what should you look for and how good should they look?

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If Only They Told Me is as much about great relationships as it is about great parenting. We also want to talk about the things that we sometime don't talk about. So let's talk about sex. 

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In this episode of If Only They'd Told Me, Natalie Cutler-Welsh and Jacqui Lockington introduce themselves in more detail and talk about how the show came about. 

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Welcome to 'If Only They'd Told Me' - the podcast. 

Babies, sex and a cup of tea.

'If Only They'd Told Me' is more than just a blog about parenting and relationship tips. Natalie Cutler-Welsh and Jacqui Lockington discuss problems and share successful strategies for a healthy, thriving family life. How to have a great marriage while dealing with pregnancy, sleep deprivation, diapers toilet training, and breastfeeding. 

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