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Nat talks to her mum, Lynley Welsh, Grandmother or 10, about all things Grandparent. This warm and animated discussion covers everything from babysitting for 'date-night', to re-appreciating your own parents, making a difference in little one's life as well as the physical challenges of grandparenting, and also gratitude. 

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In this episode we discuss Grandparents and In-laws.  How to appreciate and respect them while still maintaining your own personal parenting style.  We talk about how your relationship with your parents and in-laws change when you have kids. Expectations and assumptions, communication and mis communication, acknowledging their knowledge while still having faith in your own.  

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Jacqui had a pretty rough night last night. No, she wasn't out partying. She was looking after a sick child. 

So this week Nat and Jacqui discuss 'the exhausted contest' and share tips on how to deal with broken sleep as a part of parenthood.

Every child is different, but there are things we can learn from each other and it always good to know that there's light at the end of sleep deprivation tunnel.

Tips shared in this episode include

1) Nap when your baby naps.

2) Checkout strategies for getting your baby to sleep. See http://www.ifonlytheytoldme.com for more details.

3) Make a 'plan with your Man'.

4) Expectation Management.

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Part 2 of the real deal on 'blooming' pregnancy, covering everything from signs and symptoms, to the impact on friendships. Nat and Jacqui share their own pregnancy stories in their usual animated and upfront style.

Listen, laugh and let us know about your own experiences on ifonlytheydtoldme.com

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