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How have you worked the work thing?

Do you feel you were destined for greater things than deciding between honey or jam sandwhiches each day? Are you going crazy at home? Or is your experience that the constant pressure and stress of work keeps you away from what's truely important in life?

Our children, our homes and our families need us and we need them. Most of us also need to work, for one reason or another. In this week's cast, we talk about the challenge of balancing our lives around these needs.

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Last week Sue Blair from Personality Dynamics introduced us to the powerful concept of the four personality types. But how do you figure out what animal you are, or that of the people around you?

This week, Sue talks through the process of determining a child's personality type via an in-studio interview with Binnie Baria, a mother of one.  There's no quiz to figure out the 4 Animal Personality Types, but rather a list of characteristics that describes the Otter, Beaver, Lion and Retriever.  

We hope this will help you to figure out who you've got living under your roof and how to better parent to the personality!

Find out more at www.personalitydynamics.co.nz and If Only They'd Told Me.

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It's a zoo out there... Who have you got living under your roof? 

Nat interviews workshop presenter Sue Blair from Personality Dynamics about the four 'animal' Personality Types.  As Sue says "Parenting is a really hard job and no one teaches you how to do it. " Understanding your child's personality (as well as your own and that of your partner) is an incredibly valuable tool that can lead to a more thriving household and positive parenting experience.

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Nat and Jacqui have a catch-up chat about what they've been up to lately. Jacqui talks about the joys and trials of working full time and then they discuss today's topic: Surviving the School Holidays.  

Have a listen to Nat and Jacqui's ideas and insights about keeping kids happy over the school holidays.  Check out their accompanying 'Surviving the  School Holidays' blog and 'like' them on Facebook!

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Soothing babies to sleep is a serious business.  It can sometimes be sweet and often extremely stressful. If Only I had known about 'Night time Nannies' when my little ones were waking me in the night.  

There were times when I definitely would have paid money for someone to help me settle my baby to sleep or even just do the night shift for me so I could bank a few hours of bedtime.  

Heather Baker is a nurse and founder of Nighttime Nannies. She helps mothers who need some guidance in getting baby to bed. She gives insight about gentle sleep training tactics and reminds us that we don't need to do it alone. 

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