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Birthday Party Etiquette - Invites, Themes & Venues

It's birthday season on If Only They'd Told Me! Nat & Jacqui have been busy planning, hosting and attending birthday parties. In this episode they discuss:

  • Invitations: who and how many
  • Themes (everything from beauty parlour to Rock Star parties) 
  • Venues (In-line skating, extreme trampoline) 

...and much much more.

The 5 top tips for hosting a Birthday Party

1) Plan to a budget

2) Have a wet weather plan

3) Give parents clear instructions on who, when and where

4) Ages and stages -invites, time

5) Relax and enjoy

Listen out for their follow-up Birthday podcast on catering and cakes.

Have a read of our 2 Birthday blogs: Cupcake Queen, Birthday Party Etiquette

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Nat & Jacqui 

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10 Top Tips for Toilet Training / Potty Training

Ah Toilet Training! With some children it's a relatively straight forward process, with others it's a stressful struggle.  Nat recently attended a seminar on 'Toilet Training for Super Kids' by Laura Morley at the Parenting Place (http://www.theparentingplace.com). Reflecting on her own experience of toilet training two children and now armed with new information for toilet training her third child, Nat outlines 10 Top Tips for Toilet Training.

  1. Is the Child ready? (Approx age 2, aware of toilet…)
  2. Is the Parent ready? (Nothing 'new' happening in your life)
  3. Do you have the Equipment (potty, undies)
  4. Plan your incentives/rewards (sticker chart, stamp, lollies)
  5. Focus on the positive "are your undies clean and dry?"
  6. Role-model (self, doll, lego guy…)
  7. Immerse with DVDs, Books, spend time with other toileting kids.
  8. Be aware of toileting patterns so you can anticipate.
  9. Choose a method that suits you/your family
  10. Photos of the toileting 'stages' and have child put them in order. Put them on the wall...

Helpful links:




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It can happen so quickly. You take a phone call, try to finish the job you started hours ago, or you simply get distracted by someone or something else. And when you look up, your child is gone! 

Or perhaps your child is persistent and very good at the 'hide' bit of 'hide & seek'. 

Having a child go missing, even for a short time, can be a parent's worst nightmare. So what are some strategies for avoiding the worst case?

In this cast we discuss:

- Knowing your personalities. Do you have a runner?

- Giving kids the skills (crossing the road etc)

- Defining the 'rules' of the game, especially the end of the game

- Have a plan that includes a meeting place

- Teaching your kids their 'details' (parents name, address…)

- Having a family password

- Useful equipment and accessories

- Who's in charge? The more the scarier.

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What do you need to get ready for looking after a baby?  In this Podcast we chat about things 'to buy' and things 'to do'. From playgyms and maternity lingerie to helping others and getting out $200 cash.  These are some of our tips for preparing for baby.

Check out our recommendation at http://www.ifonlytheytoldme.com/products/

For a list of 'How to have a Fab First Year with Baby' check out Nat's list on http://www.skinnyscoop.com/list/ncutlerwelsh

For tips, checklists and a helping hand in pregnancy & baby's first year see: http://mamaslittlehelper.co.nz

Got more suggestions? Let us know what you found useful, or what you wish you'd been told on our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/ifonlytheydtoldme or email us, comments@ifonlytheytoldme.com

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We're very excited to bring you this personal interview with Jaquie Brown, direct from the 'If Only They'd Told Me' studio. 

Jaquie Brown is a tv presenter, author and Kiwi personality. 18 months ago, Jaquie also became mother.

Jaquie talks to Nat about her informative and entertaining book I'm Not Fat, I'm Pregnant! and her most recent television series 'Keep Calm and Carry On'. Aired on TV1 on Wednesday nights, it documents the ups and downs of motherhood in the early days. The show also provides an insightful look back in time to the way we used to do things and explores some current trends in parenting culture. 

In our Podcast, Jaquie shares some of the joys, frustrations and learnings in her "classic Jaquie" candid and humorous style. 


Some links from the show:

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