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Nat chats to Krystal and Amy, Mumpreneurs, owners of Ochre Baby and organisers of the Auckland Mama Market. They share their tips for Mums who want to run their own business and tell us about the recent launch of their brand new pregnancy and breastfeeding product. Listen to this episode to find out what it is!

Find out more at: www.ochrebaby.co.nz

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Win tickets to the Auckland Baby Show!

In this special mid-week episode, we talk to Dona White, CEO of North Port Events. Dona gave us the inside scoop on the upcoming Baby Show happening in Auckland, New Zealand on 26-28th October 2012.  With awesome speakers like Diane Levy and Nigel Latta, lovely products including organic and merino must-haves and wide ailes to aleviate 'pram jam' it's bound to be a fab day out for the whole fam!  

To go in the draw to win one of 5 double passes to the Baby Show check the post on our website: 


*Competition closes Thursday 25th October 2012.


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In this Episode, Jacqui and Nat talk about Mummy Friendships.  How do you make friends when you're a mother? At music class or play group? And what do you do if a friendship goes from awesome to awkward?  Do you say nothing, say something or simply 'move on'?

Competitions:   4 hours of Baby Help with Dorothy Waide

5 double passes to the Auckland Baby Show

Check out http://www.ifonlytheytoldme.com for more details.

Upcoming Podcast topics:  Baby Show, Ochre Baby, Starting School, Depression, Twins and more…



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How informative and fun to meet 'baby whisperer' and nanny to the stars Dorothy Waide!  In this Episode, Nat talks to Dorothy about settling babies, the importance of looking at the big picture, attachment parenting for 0-12 weeks and nurturing within boundaries.



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Top Tips for a Happy Birthday: Cake, Catering and Games

Nat and Jacqui carry on the conversation from last week's podcast about Birthday parties. In this episode they discuss the cake, catering, loot bags, games and gifts.

Check out their 'Party Ideas' board on Pinterest 

Top Tips from IOTTM:

1) The Cake:  It's not a competition. The process of making and icing it should be enjoyed - if not, get someone else to make it!

2) Catering: Aim for a combination of 'party food' and healthy options

3) Gifts:  Make a moment of the gift opening. Take a photo of the birthday boy/girl with the guest and their gift.

4) Games:  Consider the age and interests of the child. Classic games like 'pin the tail' or a treasure hunt can be jazzed up to the theme of the party.

5) Loot bags: Instead of plastic 'crap' that's bound for the landfill. Opt for a small gift in keeping with the party theme. A vandal notepad for a beach theme party for example. Or maybe a gingerbread man or a potted flower.

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