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Nat and Jacqui had a Skype interview with Emily Keniston from Simple Little Home.   Based in Maine, USA, Emily chats with us about her passions of slowing down, natural living, home schooling, the bean bin, healthy local food, meatloaf cupcakes and pumpkin smoothies!

You can find Emily at:

  • http://www.simplelittlehome.com
  • http://pinterest.com/emily_keniston/
  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Simple-Little-Home/218866024821811
  • https://plus.google.com/109159148443640361336/posts

Listen in next week for our Podcast on 'Best Intentions'. All the things that hubby, grandparents, friends and even you as a parent do to 'help' but it sometimes has the opposite effect!

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If Only They'd Told Me


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Nat and Jacqui discuss practical tips for birthing plans, hospital bags, knowing when you're in labour, Braxton Hicks and wive's tales about brining on labour. 

Top tips from this episode:

  • Have a good plan, but be prepared to change it. The main goal is to hold a healthy baby in your arms.
  • Hospital bag. Focus on being comfortable after the birth when deciding what to pack to take with you to the hospital.  
  • Know the key signs of labour, but also know that some, or all of them, may not happen for you.
  • Know when it's time to go to the hospital (or wherever you're going to birth).

For great maternity wear, we recommend Hotmilk. See http://www.ifonlytheytoldme.com/products/sexy-mama/

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As a follow up to one of our most popular podcasts Episode 6 on 'Getting Tidy', this week we're happy to bring you a podcast on de-cluttering and getting organised.  Nat talks with fellow Mumpreneur, Robyn Waterfall from Sort Me Out: http://www.robynsortmeout.co.nz

'Robyn to the Rescue' has services to help you get your home and office organised, as well as skills to help you out with life coaching, setting goals and reducing stress.

Listen in for some top tips on getting sorted and to find out more about how Robyn can help Mums, Dads and also seniors at home, in the home office and in life.

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Sam Knowles (like other teacher around the world) is in charge of one of the biggest steps for us and our children - their first day of school!

Sam is a new entrant teacher and she also teaches parents about how to prepare themselves and their children for their first day. 

Jacqui caught up with Sam about getting to know other mothers in the class, making sure your child is familiar with the school grounds before they start, knowing where the toilets are, making sure children can get the lid of their lunchbox by themselves, and much more.

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