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Jo and Janine from 'Love Your Small Business' tell us about their Coaching Club for Mum entrepreneurs who want to hit their business goals faster but also free up more time and energy for life!

They give plenty of tools and tips for balancing the chaos of motherhood with business in a successful way without losing track of yourself and the other things that are important to you in your life.

Mumpreneurs worldwide can benefit from this e-course

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Get It Done Mum Workshop *Feb 4/5: https://www.secureinfossl.com/affProgram/Get-it-Done-Mum-Workshop/69671

Get It Done Mum Coaching Club: https://www.secureinfossl.com/affProgram/Get-it-Done-Mum-Workshop/69671

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For the first time we have a couple in the studio together and they are talking about parenting twins. However their entertaining stories are relevant to all parents. 

Michelle and Tim have 7 year old, identical twin boys. They've made it through the 'early years' and they share some of their tips, coping strategies and experiences.

While Tim suggests booking friends who offer help, in to a specific time and date to help get through the 'dark ages', Michelle recommends writing a 'letter to yourself' at the end of your pregnancy, to look back on.

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A couple of weeks ago, Nat and Matt talked about being a good host. As promised, this week we turn the tables and talk to Jacqui's very special visitor - her Mum!

Jacqui interviewed her Mum about being a visiting grandparent from overseas and they also discussed coping with being a grandparent from a distance. 

Jacqui's Mum, Magda Campbell is currently having her Gap Year. Jacqui's even convinced her to blog about it. Check out Gap Year Granny: http://gapyeargranny.blogspot.co.nz

Magda is visiting New Zealand from the UK as part of a 10 month backpacking trip. She's been staying with Jacqui in Auckland for the last month and is learning to be a grandparent again as the's normally only a 'Distant Grandparent'.

A couple of Magda's tips include, accept all the hugs and kisses you can while you're there to get them, and take the kids to the park. 'Run them ragged', she explains, 'they'll be more compliant that way!'.

Magda also recommends being yourself around the Grandchildren and to use Skype when you're not physically there.

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Nat & Jacqui are in the studio together again, bringing in the New Year and discussing resolutions and goals for 2013. 

While some resolutions are more like themes or priorities, like 'be a better mother/wife/friend', others are measurable and time-related goals like 'runs 5km race by August 1st, 2013'. 

Top tip: Don't just create then shelve your resolutions. Share them with at least one other person, have them accessible and check back on them once a week.

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