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51: Top Tips for Children and Technology

Nat was joined by husband Matt in the studio this week, to discuss 5 top tips for keeping children safe on-line and in front of screens. In the age of iPads, iPhones and the opportunity to be constantly 'plugged in', what are the impacts on our kids and how can we parents keep things positive?

Our 5 tips are:

  1. Be aware of screen time & content. Education vs.entertainment. Are your children just consuming or are they also creating?
  2. Be in the same room
  3. Know your devices, and how to restrict their access
  4. Who's device is who's? What are your family rules?
  5. Role model good behaviour

Online Resources

Screen time:

Chidproofing your iPad:


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Jacqui and Nat discuss 'Raising Girls' based on the talk by Stephen Biddulph at the Parenting Place.

As Steve says: ‘A girl catastrophe is happening’ and that the world has ‘become a very toxic place for our daughters’.  In the podcast we outline some of his tips on how to keep girls feeling happy and positive.

  • Auntie Campaign - get some positive female role models in your girls life
  • Help them find and keep their Spark
  • 14 is the new 18!! Things are happening at a younger age (sexual pressure, body image issues etc)


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Nat talks to long-time friend and mother-of-four Danielle Paterson. Danielle lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband Matt and boys age 5 and 3, plus 14 month old twins. They discuss pregnancy, parenting and relationships with twins and specifically:

  • Carrying and caring for twins 
  • Giving your other child(ten) the love and attention they deserve
  • Prepping tips and getting 'room ready' for life with twins 
  • The reality of having a baby in NICU (Newborn Intensive Care Unit)
  • Strategies and tips to make your life as easy as possible
  • Getting whatever 'help' works for you: nanny, friend, relative, groceries delivered, cleaner…
  • Products you need two of for twins:  carrier, exersaucer, bounciette
  • Twin-specific products: Double stroller, double  'my breast friend' feeding pillow
  • Looking after your self and relationship with twins plus more.

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Safe Sleep

Nat talks to Jude Clark from 'Change for our Children' about Safe Sleep.  The goal is to help reduce SUDI Sudden Unexpected Deaths in Infancy through greater awareness and practice. The 3 safe sleep principles are:

  1. Face up
  2. Face clear
  3. Smoke-free

They also discuss bed-sharing or 'co-sleeping', sleep aid products,  blankets, positioning, and how safe sleep changes with developmental stages.


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Jacqui and Nat go out on the town and catch up with mother-of-two fashion store owner Kelly Coe about her gorgeous garments at 'Augustine International'.

Kelly gives us some tips on how to be a stylish mummy. It's all about getting out of the rut and embracing colour and shape by swapping your T-shirt for a floaty top or tunic. Dress it up with a chunky necklace or bag or dress it down by going accessory-free.

Having a style consult with a 'personal stylist' who takes into account colours, shapes and styles that best-suit you is another great way to look and feel great.  Rebecca and Megan from The Style Company http://www.thestylecompany.co.nz  highlight the impact of 'illusion dressing' where you draw the eye towards your best features and away from your 'flaws' or your least fave parts of your body.

It's so easy to get overwhelmed and consumed by motherhood so spending some time on yourself is important and often a bit of a luxury. Balance all that with surrounding yourself with great friends and enjoying the moments with your kids and you're bound to be a happy and stylish mummy.

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