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This week Jacqui and Nat reveal their top tips for supermarket shopping with the kids.

They discuss anecdotes and strategies for keeping kids safe and happy while staying sane, on task and on budget in the grocery store.  

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If Only They'd Told Me is a blog and podcast covering all the things you wish you'd been told about parenting and relationships in the early years. You can find us at:

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Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) can be a concern for many second time mothers. So what's PBAC (Positive Birth After Cesarean) and how can it help?

Natalie Cutler-Welsh talks with Dr Michelle Wise, a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, and Senior Lecturer at the Auckland University Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences.

Dr Michelle Wise:

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In this Episode, Nat and Jacqui chat candidly about the social etiquette (the Do's and Don'ts) for visiting a friend with a newborn baby. They have tips for visitors: Book in, bring food and do something to help while you're there etc as well as tips for mum and dad. Sit back, have a listen, learn and laugh!

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This week Nat talks to Megan and Miriam all the way from Boston, USA.

These lovely ladies co-wrote the book 'The Other Baby Book' and are making their e-book available for FREE in honour of Mother's Day so listen in to see how you can download your free copy!

Their book covers everything from relating to baby to self care to baby-led weaning. In this episode we discuss co-sleeping or 'bed sharing' and dispel some of the myths. 

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