If Only They'd Told Me Podcast

In a reprise of one of their most popular podcasts, Nat and Jacqui are in the studio checking in on each other's New Year's Resolutions.

With only a few months to go until 2014, they still believe, it's never too late!  How are your 2013 goals coming along and what do you want to focus on in the remaining months?

What are you going to keep doing? stop doing? and start doing?

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Ever wonder what it's like for an 'at home dad'? This week you can get a sneak peek into the life of an at home dad. Nat chats with Geoff Pitts about bringing up the boys, his role-model dad and play date etiquette.

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Being prepared for an emergency is more than having a half-pie emergency kit in the garage somewhere. It's about stocking that kit, creating a grab bag and having a plan for if the 'what if' becomes a reality.  In this podcast, Nat shares her personal experience from the Christchurch earthquake and gives tips on what to keep in your kit, tweaks to make to your home and having a plan like who will get which kid and where will you meet...

  • Emergency Kit:  Food, Water & Shelter (plus more)
  • Family Plan: Which exit, which child and where will you meet?
  • Tweaks to home & habits: Move your mirrors, clear your exits

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Jacqui catches up with friend Claire Ward about 'How to be a Happy Stay At Home Mum'

Claire shares her tips and anecdotes like the feeling of going around in circles and having a no visitor ban for the first few weeks.

She also gives some tips including

  • take the pram out
  • mix it up
  • have a shower & do make up every morning or whatever makes you feel great

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Have you always wanted your family to be a bit more eco-savvy but not sure where to start?

Fret not, because in this podcast, Nat chats with NZ Ecochick Madeleine Booth-Smits about how to have an eco family. 

Things like:

  1. Use cloth
  2. Cook from scratch
  3. Glass everything
  4. Conscious consumerism

Have a listen and a laugh with this podcast full of tips and inspiration.

xo Nat


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