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Mother of 5, Zita Cameron talks to Nat about Infuzed Business Group: 





This episode of the If Only They'd Told Me Podcast is brought to you by Vanilla Bloom natural beauty boutique,


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When we posted the question of what to do when kids hit on our Facebook page, we were amazed with the number and variety of responses and techniques. In this episode we summarise some of your suggestions and share some top tips for helping kids control their behaviour. 

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Nat chats with parents Amanda and Clint about having a baby before getting married.

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What are the top 6 podcast episodes from Nat and Jacqui's first 100?

Nat & Jacqui celebrate their 100th podcast by featuring tips from 6 most popular episodes, and their personal favourites. 


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This episode is the first of a series of Pregnancy-related ailments. In the coming weeks, Jacqui and Nat will be cover serious pregnancy-related problems including preeclampsia, anemia, ectopic pregnancy, gestational diabetes to name a few. 

In this episode, Jacqui talks about Extreme Swelling in Pregnancy, otherwise known as ‘Edema’. She covers the symptoms and some tips for prevention and relief and interviews Neralee Heard who became so swollen during her pregnancy that she looked obese.


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