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This week Jacqui talks to British mother-of-two, Magda Rabenda. Magda is 47 years old and a mother of two, Lauren 26 years, and Lucy 2 years. 

She shares with Jacqui the trials and tribulations of becoming a older mum. 


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Sometimes as a parent life seems to throw a bit too much at us.  Nat talks to friend and fellow mum in business, Maxine Shea about eczema, renovations & illness. Feeling overwhelmed & coming out the other side.

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Natalie Cutler-Welsh interviews Rebecca Armstrong from Shine Hypnosis. They talk about how hypnosis can help with gentle and natural childbirth.


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In this special episode of If Only They’d Told Me, Matthew Cutler-Welsh takes the microphone and shares a conversation with the founder of Engaged Marriage, Dustin Riechmann. 

Dustin and his wife have a great relationship, they’ve designed their lifestyle and have enough income to support that lifestyle. Dustin still works full time at a job he enjoys, but has another couple of businesses on the side. He also just ran his first marathon. 

Oh, and they have three kids!

But five years ago, things weren’t all that rosy. They were $50,000 in debt. Dustin was overweight. Their relationship was ‘okay’, but they’d kind of ‘settled’ into a pattern. They made a conscious decision to change.

Listen in to hear how they intentionally improved their finances, fitness, romance and sex life, and how they can now help others to do the same. 

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