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Nat & Jacqui are together in the studio and they're talking all about tips for successful Sleepovers with kids age 8 and under.  Topics include: Maners & Dynamics, What age, What time is bedtime & catering.  If Only They'd Told Me: Parenting tips & laughs.  We're not the experts, we're the best friends you never knew you had. 


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It's tricky keeping fit while raising kids.  In this podcast Nat talks to mum of 3 Amy from Powerhoop NZ.  She shares her tips on 'fitness with a twist' and banishing the belly fat adn how hula hooping isn't just for kids!


Blog: Banishing the Belly Fat


Powerhoop NZ

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In this episode, Jacqui interviews Brand Manager of Plunket NZ Benji. They discuss what Plunket does and how they help families across New Zealand. 


Plunket Website: https://www.plunket.org.nz

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