If Only They'd Told Me Podcast (grandparents)

A couple of weeks ago, Nat and Matt talked about being a good host. As promised, this week we turn the tables and talk to Jacqui's very special visitor - her Mum!

Jacqui interviewed her Mum about being a visiting grandparent from overseas and they also discussed coping with being a grandparent from a distance. 

Jacqui's Mum, Magda Campbell is currently having her Gap Year. Jacqui's even convinced her to blog about it. Check out Gap Year Granny: http://gapyeargranny.blogspot.co.nz

Magda is visiting New Zealand from the UK as part of a 10 month backpacking trip. She's been staying with Jacqui in Auckland for the last month and is learning to be a grandparent again as the's normally only a 'Distant Grandparent'.

A couple of Magda's tips include, accept all the hugs and kisses you can while you're there to get them, and take the kids to the park. 'Run them ragged', she explains, 'they'll be more compliant that way!'.

Magda also recommends being yourself around the Grandchildren and to use Skype when you're not physically there.

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