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In this Episode, Nat and Jacqui chat candidly about the social etiquette (the Do's and Don'ts) for visiting a friend with a newborn baby. They have tips for visitors: Book in, bring food and do something to help while you're there etc as well as tips for mum and dad. Sit back, have a listen, learn and laugh!

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In this Episode, Jacqui and Nat talk about Mummy Friendships.  How do you make friends when you're a mother? At music class or play group? And what do you do if a friendship goes from awesome to awkward?  Do you say nothing, say something or simply 'move on'?

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Birthday Party Etiquette - Invites, Themes & Venues

It's birthday season on If Only They'd Told Me! Nat & Jacqui have been busy planning, hosting and attending birthday parties. In this episode they discuss:

  • Invitations: who and how many
  • Themes (everything from beauty parlour to Rock Star parties) 
  • Venues (In-line skating, extreme trampoline) 

...and much much more.

The 5 top tips for hosting a Birthday Party

1) Plan to a budget

2) Have a wet weather plan

3) Give parents clear instructions on who, when and where

4) Ages and stages -invites, time

5) Relax and enjoy

Listen out for their follow-up Birthday podcast on catering and cakes.

Have a read of our 2 Birthday blogs: Cupcake Queen, Birthday Party Etiquette

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Nat & Jacqui 

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