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Fran Ninow and Jude Mitchell are two inspirational ladies. 10 years ago, with teenage children and one divorce between them, they borrowed money from a friend and started up a small magazine, called Verve. It started from hard work and perseverance..they literally cold-called until they found advertisers.

Today, Verve is one of the most glossy and highly regarded local magazines here in New Zealand.

Here, Jacqui chats to them both about hard work, perseverance and how, even with children and divorce, women out there can aspire to and achieve anything they want...


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Jacqui and Nat go out on the town and catch up with mother-of-two fashion store owner Kelly Coe about her gorgeous garments at 'Augustine International'.

Kelly gives us some tips on how to be a stylish mummy. It's all about getting out of the rut and embracing colour and shape by swapping your T-shirt for a floaty top or tunic. Dress it up with a chunky necklace or bag or dress it down by going accessory-free.

Having a style consult with a 'personal stylist' who takes into account colours, shapes and styles that best-suit you is another great way to look and feel great.  Rebecca and Megan from The Style Company http://www.thestylecompany.co.nz  highlight the impact of 'illusion dressing' where you draw the eye towards your best features and away from your 'flaws' or your least fave parts of your body.

It's so easy to get overwhelmed and consumed by motherhood so spending some time on yourself is important and often a bit of a luxury. Balance all that with surrounding yourself with great friends and enjoying the moments with your kids and you're bound to be a happy and stylish mummy.

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