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Jo and Janine from 'Love Your Small Business' tell us about their Coaching Club for Mum entrepreneurs who want to hit their business goals faster but also free up more time and energy for life!

They give plenty of tools and tips for balancing the chaos of motherhood with business in a successful way without losing track of yourself and the other things that are important to you in your life.

Mumpreneurs worldwide can benefit from this e-course

Click on the affiliate links below to find out more. If you register through these links, you'll also be helping to support 'If Only They'd Told Me'.

Get It Done Mum Workshop *Feb 4/5: https://www.secureinfossl.com/affProgram/Get-it-Done-Mum-Workshop/69671

Get It Done Mum Coaching Club: https://www.secureinfossl.com/affProgram/Get-it-Done-Mum-Workshop/69671

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Kids grow up so fast. You don't want to look back with retrospective regret. So how can you get 'flexi time', ask work for permission and do what works for the entire family?  

Nat's husband Matt is the techie (studio manager, website developer) for If Only They'd Told Me.  In this episode he steps up to the microphone and share's his views on tweaking one's work situation to be more family-friendly.  

They discuss parent roles and balancing pursuit of the career 'ladder' with quality time with kids.  Their recent 9 day fortnight arrangement allows Matt to drop and pick kids up from school and kindergarten. 

A special thanks also to our guest announcer!

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