If Only They'd Told Me Podcast (parenting)
112 Going for the Third Child

Nat & Jacqui are back in the studio, sharing their individual stories around deciding 

to have (or have not) a third child. They cover things to consider including: time, 

money, career plans, lifestyle plans, gut feelings and more. 


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Sometimes as a parent life seems to throw a bit too much at us.  Nat talks to friend and fellow mum in business, Maxine Shea about eczema, renovations & illness. Feeling overwhelmed & coming out the other side.

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Ever wonder how to become a blogger?  In this episode Nat talks with blogger newbie Sarah Wilson about her blog ‘Lattes laced with Grace’. 


Why blog, how to start and a reading from one of her most popular blogs: "Singleness on Valentine’s Day”.

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Nat & Jacqui are in the studio talking about ‘baby showers’.

They discuss: Do you or don’t you? Gifts, Games, Catering and the Dad.

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95: Back to School

Nat & Jacqui candidly chat about 5 areas to consider when getting your child ready to go back to school after the summer holidays!

Mental prep, Physical prep, Routine & Responsibility, First day and after school activities.

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It's a contentious subject!  Nat & Jacqui chat about the signs, symptoms and implications of sending kids or keeping them home.

  • Who's work is more important?
  • Consider other children and the caregivers
  • Trust your gut
  • Have a back up plan
  • Rules: Temperature, 48 hours after Ds & Vs
  • The basics of being healthy
  • Growing pains
  • Anxiety and Excitement
  • Role Modelling
  • Proactive healthcare

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If Only They'd Told Me is excited to welcome 'baby whisperer' Dorothy Waide back into the studio.

Today she talks to Nat about Toddlers: When to drop the nap, transitioning from a cot to a bed and when should you swap from a bottle to a sippy cup?  

Dorothy Waide has decades of experience as a Karitane Nurse and baby whisperer. When she's not travelling around NZ to Oh Baby! coffee catch ups with mums and babies, she is giving guidance and support to families in person as well as via Skype and over the phone. Nat says,

"Dorothy is a fountain of knowledge and has such a lovely manner. I wish I'd known about her when my kids were little".

For more, check out: http://www.babyhelp.co.nz

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60: Tips for having a fab first year with baby

This week Nat and Jacqui share their 'top tips' for having a fabulous first year with baby. From the preggie and maternity stage through to newborn and baby stage, tips include things like: Taking a year off,  letting go of 'supermum', cherishing the moments and keeping things positive with the grandparents.

What are your top tips?

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Personalities: Managing Different Family Dynamics

Nat chats with Director of Personality Dynamics and Family Coach Sue Blair about family dynamics.

Sue is passionate about how understanding personality types can help us to thrive as parents and partners.

Knowing who we are and who our kids are can help us travel the parenting path more smoothly. It's largely about where you get your energy from rather than being loud or shy.

Click the link, sit back and enjoy!

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IOTTM facebook: http://bit.ly/WEtx2S

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Parenting and relationships in the early years. Babies, sex and a cup of tea.

Jacqui and Nat give their tips on 'things to ponder when preparing for another baby'.

These include everything from; age gap, quality time, getting into baby mode, breaking the news, finding out the gender, relationship changes, childcare, the birth and help.


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