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Jacqui and Nat discuss 'Raising Girls' based on the talk by Stephen Biddulph at the Parenting Place.

As Steve says: ‘A girl catastrophe is happening’ and that the world has ‘become a very toxic place for our daughters’.  In the podcast we outline some of his tips on how to keep girls feeling happy and positive.

  • Auntie Campaign - get some positive female role models in your girls life
  • Help them find and keep their Spark
  • 14 is the new 18!! Things are happening at a younger age (sexual pressure, body image issues etc)


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Safe Sleep

Nat talks to Jude Clark from 'Change for our Children' about Safe Sleep.  The goal is to help reduce SUDI Sudden Unexpected Deaths in Infancy through greater awareness and practice. The 3 safe sleep principles are:

  1. Face up
  2. Face clear
  3. Smoke-free

They also discuss bed-sharing or 'co-sleeping', sleep aid products,  blankets, positioning, and how safe sleep changes with developmental stages.


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How do you tell the difference between 'the baby blues' and true post natal depression? Everyone seems to know someone who's had it.

It's a slightly different tone on If Only They'd Told Me this week, as Jacquie shares a moving, real story of a family who has been through Post Natal Depression. 

Find out what happened and how you can recognise the signs in yourself and in those you care about. 

Some signs of post natal depression include:

  • Uncontrollable crying
  • Loss of interest in things you previously interested in
  • Negative thoughts
  • Self blame
  • Severe mood swings
  • Feeling numb
  • Feeling isolated
  • Tiredness, including desperately wanting to sleep, but not being able to
  • Thoughts of self harm or harming baby

ANY of these should be a warning signal. Get professional help or talk to someone if you have even one symptom. 

If you have a story (your own or someone you know of) and it would be helpful for others to know, we'd love to hear from you…



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Part 2 of 'Parenting Twins'  

Michelle and Tim share their tips and stories about having twins.

Nat picks up where she left off last time by asking, about having twins, "do other people 'get it'?"

How you can help If Only They'd Told Me?

And we will get a small commission to put back into our blog and podcast

Upcoming Podcasts:

  • Post Natal Depression
  • Parenting One
  • The More the Merrier?
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For the first time we have a couple in the studio together and they are talking about parenting twins. However their entertaining stories are relevant to all parents. 

Michelle and Tim have 7 year old, identical twin boys. They've made it through the 'early years' and they share some of their tips, coping strategies and experiences.

While Tim suggests booking friends who offer help, in to a specific time and date to help get through the 'dark ages', Michelle recommends writing a 'letter to yourself' at the end of your pregnancy, to look back on.

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Helpful Websites:

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In this Episode, Nat heads out of the studio and takes her microphone and iPad to meet up with CEO Bruce Pilbrow on-site at the Parenting Place.


Over a cup of tea, they discuss the Parenting Place mantra of 'Family is Everything', going global with social media, parenting workshops and the importance of 'couch time' for a healthy relationship! 

Bruce also gives some good tips for Christmas (or any time of year) about keeping the focus on 'family' and sometimes saying 'no' to some things so you can be present and spend more family time together.




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Diane Levy is a parenting expert, family advisor and therapist with over 15 years experience running her own counselling and supervision practice. She's written three books including the best seller Of Course I Love You... Now go to Your Room

Diane is New Zealand's Super Gran and has presented the TV show 'Demons to Darlings'.

Her warm, friendly approach to addressing the interaction between family members has made Diane a popular author, speaker and trusted expert. 

In this first of two interviews with 'If Only They'd Told Me',  Diane Levy discusses:

- Time out

- Getting children to do as they're told

- Dealing with temper tantrums

Tune in next week for Part 2 on

- Fussy eaters

- Making meal times less stressful

- Toilet training


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Things that grandparents, hubby, friends, strangers and you do with the 'best intentions' that sometimes have the opposite effect.  

Click on the link to hear Nat & Jacqui's stories including: 'Matt and the Muffin', Harry Potter nightmares, over-generous parents and in-laws, Christmas collage and more...

Tips for successful 'best intentions'

* Read the 'scene' before swooping in

* Ask 'what can I do to help?' 

* Mama knows best, don't ask just do!

* Tell people clearly what you need (less presents for the kids, short visit…)

* See the humour in it and appreciate the effort

For more, visit us at: http://www.ifonlytheytoldme.com

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As a follow up to one of our most popular podcasts Episode 6 on 'Getting Tidy', this week we're happy to bring you a podcast on de-cluttering and getting organised.  Nat talks with fellow Mumpreneur, Robyn Waterfall from Sort Me Out: http://www.robynsortmeout.co.nz

'Robyn to the Rescue' has services to help you get your home and office organised, as well as skills to help you out with life coaching, setting goals and reducing stress.

Listen in for some top tips on getting sorted and to find out more about how Robyn can help Mums, Dads and also seniors at home, in the home office and in life.

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Sam Knowles (like other teacher around the world) is in charge of one of the biggest steps for us and our children - their first day of school!

Sam is a new entrant teacher and she also teaches parents about how to prepare themselves and their children for their first day. 

Jacqui caught up with Sam about getting to know other mothers in the class, making sure your child is familiar with the school grounds before they start, knowing where the toilets are, making sure children can get the lid of their lunchbox by themselves, and much more.

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