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Nat chats to Krystal and Amy, Mumpreneurs, owners of Ochre Baby and organisers of the Auckland Mama Market. They share their tips for Mums who want to run their own business and tell us about the recent launch of their brand new pregnancy and breastfeeding product. Listen to this episode to find out what it is!

Find out more at: www.ochrebaby.co.nz

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Win tickets to the Auckland Baby Show!

In this special mid-week episode, we talk to Dona White, CEO of North Port Events. Dona gave us the inside scoop on the upcoming Baby Show happening in Auckland, New Zealand on 26-28th October 2012.  With awesome speakers like Diane Levy and Nigel Latta, lovely products including organic and merino must-haves and wide ailes to aleviate 'pram jam' it's bound to be a fab day out for the whole fam!  

To go in the draw to win one of 5 double passes to the Baby Show check the post on our website: 


*Competition closes Thursday 25th October 2012.


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How informative and fun to meet 'baby whisperer' and nanny to the stars Dorothy Waide!  In this Episode, Nat talks to Dorothy about settling babies, the importance of looking at the big picture, attachment parenting for 0-12 weeks and nurturing within boundaries.



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10 Top Tips for Toilet Training / Potty Training

Ah Toilet Training! With some children it's a relatively straight forward process, with others it's a stressful struggle.  Nat recently attended a seminar on 'Toilet Training for Super Kids' by Laura Morley at the Parenting Place (http://www.theparentingplace.com). Reflecting on her own experience of toilet training two children and now armed with new information for toilet training her third child, Nat outlines 10 Top Tips for Toilet Training.

  1. Is the Child ready? (Approx age 2, aware of toilet…)
  2. Is the Parent ready? (Nothing 'new' happening in your life)
  3. Do you have the Equipment (potty, undies)
  4. Plan your incentives/rewards (sticker chart, stamp, lollies)
  5. Focus on the positive "are your undies clean and dry?"
  6. Role-model (self, doll, lego guy…)
  7. Immerse with DVDs, Books, spend time with other toileting kids.
  8. Be aware of toileting patterns so you can anticipate.
  9. Choose a method that suits you/your family
  10. Photos of the toileting 'stages' and have child put them in order. Put them on the wall...

Helpful links:




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It can happen so quickly. You take a phone call, try to finish the job you started hours ago, or you simply get distracted by someone or something else. And when you look up, your child is gone! 

Or perhaps your child is persistent and very good at the 'hide' bit of 'hide & seek'. 

Having a child go missing, even for a short time, can be a parent's worst nightmare. So what are some strategies for avoiding the worst case?

In this cast we discuss:

- Knowing your personalities. Do you have a runner?

- Giving kids the skills (crossing the road etc)

- Defining the 'rules' of the game, especially the end of the game

- Have a plan that includes a meeting place

- Teaching your kids their 'details' (parents name, address…)

- Having a family password

- Useful equipment and accessories

- Who's in charge? The more the scarier.

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What do you need to get ready for looking after a baby?  In this Podcast we chat about things 'to buy' and things 'to do'. From playgyms and maternity lingerie to helping others and getting out $200 cash.  These are some of our tips for preparing for baby.

Check out our recommendation at http://www.ifonlytheytoldme.com/products/

For a list of 'How to have a Fab First Year with Baby' check out Nat's list on http://www.skinnyscoop.com/list/ncutlerwelsh

For tips, checklists and a helping hand in pregnancy & baby's first year see: http://mamaslittlehelper.co.nz

Got more suggestions? Let us know what you found useful, or what you wish you'd been told on our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/ifonlytheydtoldme or email us, comments@ifonlytheytoldme.com

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Nat talks to mother of two and natural parenting advocate Anna Hughes about the concept of 'nappy free' or 'diaper free'. 

Also known as Elimination Communication (EC) was something the human race all used to do and half of the world's population still does. So what is it and what are the rest of us doing?

Elimination communication is about timing and elimination (toileting) patterns, ages and stages and patience and perceptiveness. 

Anna says parenting is the hardest job she's ever done, but also the most rewarding. What are your thoughts on attachment parenting, empathetic parenting and responding to baby's needs in the moment?

Diaper Free: The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene

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19 How to Keep the YOU in Mum

Are you time-poor? Overwhelmed? Stressed-out? In love with your kids but completely exhausted?

Check out this interview with author, well-being specialist, businesswoman and parent educator Karyn Riley

Karyn is passionate about personal development and well-being. She's been writing, speaking, educating and coaching for more than 15 years and in 2011 Karyn published the book 'How to keep the You in Mum'. The hard copy will soon be followed by an ebook version and a US version under the title 'More than Just a Mom'. 

Nat had the privilege of interviewing Karyn and they discussed:

  • Acknowledging the changing roles that come with parenthood
  • Self-care and well-being
  • The importance of being yourself
  • Finding out and doing what works for your and your family
  • Trying to do one thing at a time and enjoying it
  • What are you 'non-negotiables'
  • Time management and saying 'no' 
  • Reconnecting your relationships

For more information checkout



Also have a look at our book review where you can purchase a copy of Karyn's book through our Fishpond affiliate link. 

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How have you worked the work thing?

Do you feel you were destined for greater things than deciding between honey or jam sandwhiches each day? Are you going crazy at home? Or is your experience that the constant pressure and stress of work keeps you away from what's truely important in life?

Our children, our homes and our families need us and we need them. Most of us also need to work, for one reason or another. In this week's cast, we talk about the challenge of balancing our lives around these needs.

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Last week Sue Blair from Personality Dynamics introduced us to the powerful concept of the four personality types. But how do you figure out what animal you are, or that of the people around you?

This week, Sue talks through the process of determining a child's personality type via an in-studio interview with Binnie Baria, a mother of one.  There's no quiz to figure out the 4 Animal Personality Types, but rather a list of characteristics that describes the Otter, Beaver, Lion and Retriever.  

We hope this will help you to figure out who you've got living under your roof and how to better parent to the personality!

Find out more at www.personalitydynamics.co.nz and If Only They'd Told Me.

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