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Jacqui talks to fellow mother about their shared experience when both of their boys went missing... A story with a happy ending and some good lessons around communications, rules and expectations for school age kids. 

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Nat & Jacqui are together in the studio talking about Sibling Rivalry.  This episode covers the why" Jealousy, competition and just plain annoying each other as well as some solutions: The star plate, compliments books and more!

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Interview with Lorraine Scapens from PregnancyExercise.co.nz

Lorraine from Pregnancy Exercise shares her tips on 'connecting with your true core muscles’ and how to be fit for birth and beyond.  She covers the 3 most common complaints and her solutions as well as her ‘no more mummy tummy 14 day challenge’. 

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More great info on being healthy in pregnancy and beyond in our paperback/ebook ‘If Only They’d Told Me’ http://ifonlytheytoldme.com/book

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Did you ever feel like your parents favoured one of you kids as a child?  Or do you sometimes find that one child is just 'easier' to love?  In this episode, Nat & Jacqui talk about the often untalked about topic of 'playing favourites'.


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Nat talks to Baby Wearing advocate Anna Hughes about the how and why of Baby Wearing and about her new DVD ‘Wearing Your Baby’.  


  • http://wearingyourbaby.co.nz
  • http://Slingbabies.org.nz

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Jacqui interviews her friend Natalie about having an unexpected home birth.


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Nat talks with internationally renown parenting expert and family coach, Annie Fox.

Check out Annie's latest book Teaching Kids to Be Good People:


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112 Going for the Third Child

Nat & Jacqui are back in the studio, sharing their individual stories around deciding 

to have (or have not) a third child. They cover things to consider including: time, 

money, career plans, lifestyle plans, gut feelings and more. 


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Thanks to VanillaBloom.co.nz for sponsoring this episode of the If Only They'd Told Me Podcast. Gorgeous natural, organic & eco beauty products.

This week Jacqui talks to British mother-of-two, Magda Rabenda. Magda is 47 years old and a mother of two, Lauren 26 years, and Lucy 2 years. 

She shares with Jacqui the trials and tribulations of becoming a older mum. 


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Sometimes as a parent life seems to throw a bit too much at us.  Nat talks to friend and fellow mum in business, Maxine Shea about eczema, renovations & illness. Feeling overwhelmed & coming out the other side.

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