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Natalie Cutler-Welsh interviews Rebecca Armstrong from Shine Hypnosis. They talk about how hypnosis can help with gentle and natural childbirth.


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In this special episode of If Only They’d Told Me, Matthew Cutler-Welsh takes the microphone and shares a conversation with the founder of Engaged Marriage, Dustin Riechmann. 

Dustin and his wife have a great relationship, they’ve designed their lifestyle and have enough income to support that lifestyle. Dustin still works full time at a job he enjoys, but has another couple of businesses on the side. He also just ran his first marathon. 

Oh, and they have three kids!

But five years ago, things weren’t all that rosy. They were $50,000 in debt. Dustin was overweight. Their relationship was ‘okay’, but they’d kind of ‘settled’ into a pattern. They made a conscious decision to change.

Listen in to hear how they intentionally improved their finances, fitness, romance and sex life, and how they can now help others to do the same. 

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Nat talks with friend and parent, Sarah Valentine about caring for a child with Type 1 diabetes.

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In this episode Jacqui chats to her good friend, Jo about her experiences hiring and managing au pairs as part of her family. Jo gives some great insights and tips on how to get the best out of your au pair and to ensure your au pair fits in and works well within your family environment.


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Jenny Hale is a very experienced family coach and presenter, having been at the Parenting Place for fourteen years and a reguar guest on TVNZ's Good Morning show. 

Nat talks to her this week about the sensitive child. How to know if you've got one, and what you can do to help your sensitive child. 


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Fran Ninow and Jude Mitchell are two inspirational ladies. 10 years ago, with teenage children and one divorce between them, they borrowed money from a friend and started up a small magazine, called Verve. It started from hard work and perseverance..they literally cold-called until they found advertisers.

Today, Verve is one of the most glossy and highly regarded local magazines here in New Zealand.

Here, Jacqui chats to them both about hard work, perseverance and how, even with children and divorce, women out there can aspire to and achieve anything they want...


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Mother of 5, Zita Cameron talks to Nat about Infuzed Business Group: 





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When we posted the question of what to do when kids hit on our Facebook page, we were amazed with the number and variety of responses and techniques. In this episode we summarise some of your suggestions and share some top tips for helping kids control their behaviour. 

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Nat chats with parents Amanda and Clint about having a baby before getting married.

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What are the top 6 podcast episodes from Nat and Jacqui's first 100?

Nat & Jacqui celebrate their 100th podcast by featuring tips from 6 most popular episodes, and their personal favourites. 


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