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60: Tips for having a fab first year with baby

This week Nat and Jacqui share their 'top tips' for having a fabulous first year with baby. From the preggie and maternity stage through to newborn and baby stage, tips include things like: Taking a year off,  letting go of 'supermum', cherishing the moments and keeping things positive with the grandparents.

What are your top tips?

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This week Jacqui and Nat reveal their top tips for supermarket shopping with the kids.

They discuss anecdotes and strategies for keeping kids safe and happy while staying sane, on task and on budget in the grocery store.  

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If Only They'd Told Me is a blog and podcast covering all the things you wish you'd been told about parenting and relationships in the early years. You can find us at:

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Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) can be a concern for many second time mothers. So what's PBAC (Positive Birth After Cesarean) and how can it help?

Natalie Cutler-Welsh talks with Dr Michelle Wise, a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, and Senior Lecturer at the Auckland University Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences.

Dr Michelle Wise:

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In this Episode, Nat and Jacqui chat candidly about the social etiquette (the Do's and Don'ts) for visiting a friend with a newborn baby. They have tips for visitors: Book in, bring food and do something to help while you're there etc as well as tips for mum and dad. Sit back, have a listen, learn and laugh!

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This week Nat talks to Megan and Miriam all the way from Boston, USA.

These lovely ladies co-wrote the book 'The Other Baby Book' and are making their e-book available for FREE in honour of Mother's Day so listen in to see how you can download your free copy!

Their book covers everything from relating to baby to self care to baby-led weaning. In this episode we discuss co-sleeping or 'bed sharing' and dispel some of the myths. 

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Personalities: Introvert and Extrovert

Sorry for the technical glitch a fortnight ago (episode 53) when we brought you the other half of this interview first. During that interview Nat discussed family dynamics with Family Coach and Director of Personality Dynamics, Sue Blair. This week we continue the coversation with (the correctly titled) "Introverts and Extroverts".

Sue is passionate about how understanding personality types can help us to thrive as parents and partners.

Knowing who we are and who our kids are can help us travel the parenting path more smoothly. It's largely about where you get your energy from rather than being loud or shy.

Click the link, sit back and enjoy!

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How many parenting books do you find so good they're hard to put down once you start reading them? This was the experience Jacqui had when she read Eleanor Black's book "Confessions of a Coffee Group Dropout".Eleanor gives a refreshingly honest perspective of pregnancy and parenting and the expectations often felt by mothers in our modern society. She openly discusses how hard we can be on each other as parents and raises some great points about perspective. How important really is it to puree broccoli?In this chat, Jacqui and Eleanor briefly touch on parenting later in life, never getting anything finished, and balancing the pressures of family, home life and work. 

Eleanor describes her top 8 IOTTM pregnancy myths:

  1. You can eat as much as you want. 
  2. You will adore your baby bump
  3. Books about pregnancy are helpful and you should read as many as you can
  4. You can be fashionable
  5. You'll get special treatment
  6. Pregnant women have a lot in common
  7. You'll be rewarded with diamonds
  8. You will bounce back

Pick up a copy of Eleanor's book to read more about the realities of these myths. Also in this episode, we mention our latest giveaways and upcoming reviews of:





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Personalities: Managing Different Family Dynamics

Nat chats with Director of Personality Dynamics and Family Coach Sue Blair about family dynamics.

Sue is passionate about how understanding personality types can help us to thrive as parents and partners.

Knowing who we are and who our kids are can help us travel the parenting path more smoothly. It's largely about where you get your energy from rather than being loud or shy.

Click the link, sit back and enjoy!

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IOTTM facebook: http://bit.ly/WEtx2S

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Parenting and relationships in the early years. Babies, sex and a cup of tea.

Jacqui and Nat give their tips on 'things to ponder when preparing for another baby'.

These include everything from; age gap, quality time, getting into baby mode, breaking the news, finding out the gender, relationship changes, childcare, the birth and help.


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51: Top Tips for Children and Technology

Nat was joined by husband Matt in the studio this week, to discuss 5 top tips for keeping children safe on-line and in front of screens. In the age of iPads, iPhones and the opportunity to be constantly 'plugged in', what are the impacts on our kids and how can we parents keep things positive?

Our 5 tips are:

  1. Be aware of screen time & content. Education vs.entertainment. Are your children just consuming or are they also creating?
  2. Be in the same room
  3. Know your devices, and how to restrict their access
  4. Who's device is who's? What are your family rules?
  5. Role model good behaviour

Online Resources

Screen time:

Chidproofing your iPad:


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